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We ’ve almost reached the end of our time as MIST students and are now well-equipped to take on instructional design (ID) and training initiatives in real-world settings. While we have learned how to approach the design of various training projects of different sizes and scope, many of us may not have had hands-on opportunities to create job aids that are built to address performance on an as-needed basis.

As educators in the public and private sectors, we need-to-know where to turn, if and when the time comes that we are tasked with creating meaningful and effective job-aids. This guide is a good place to start and is intended for our community of educators to easily locate helpful resources on the topic of building job aids. Upon review of the resources provided in this blog, MIST students will be able to determine when and how to develop effective job aids according to the best practices outlined.

As a community, we benefit from each other’s shared knowledge. Following this annotated guide, please share your tips and tricks for creating effective job-aids in the comments section and/or share a link or reference to any of the helpful resources (websites, templates, books, blogs or infographics) not already listed that you’ve found on the topic of job-aid creation.

Nothing describes a job aid better than the idea of “the moment of need”. Done right, a job aid is part of the job itself. — Tips for Developing Job Aids


Job Aid Resources:

Types & Example Job-Aids

EI Design (2018). 12 Performance Support Tools PSTs or Job aids Examples in Diverse Formats. Retrieved from  This YouTube video from EI Design, a private learning and development company, presents twelve different formats for job-aid delivery, including mobile apps, videos, interactive video, decision making scenarios, whiteboard animations, kinetic text and animations, interactive pdf’s, infographics and interactive infographics, eBooks, webinars, webcast or podcast and parallax-based learning journeys.

Fergusun, D. (n.d.). Types of job aids. Dave’s Ensampler. Retrieved from The page “Types of Job Aids” featured on Dave’s Ensampler blog provides job aids listed by type and includes a short description, along with linked examples to job aids that have been developed under each type. The job aid types featured include: checklist, decision table, flowchart, procedure, reference and worksheet.

Halpin, J., & Powell, R. (2017). How to recognize and create damn good job-aids. Peregrine Performance Group. Retrieved from “How to Recognize and Create Damn Good Job-Aids”, published by The Peregrine Performance Group, a private learning and development consulting firm, provides a general overview of what the author’s claim a “damn good job aid” is and is not and provides a list of advantages for using job aids, along with a list of measured results and graphics from a variety of real-world examples. Additionally, the article provides tips for when to use a job aid suggested steps for creation.


Legault, N. (2016). Job-Aid Design: Tips, Tricks, What to Include, How to Format? [web log comment]. E-Learning Heroes. Retrieved from This blog post on the e-learning heroes blog was a prompt to a discussion for educators to share suggestions and experiences for creating better job-aids. Twenty educators have participated in the discussion and have included suggestions and links to other helpful resources for building better job aids.

Moore, C. (2018). Is training really the answer? Ask the flowchart. Retrieved from Cathy Moore’s blog post is based on Action Mapping, and provides learning and development professionals a flowchart for how to identify if training, or another intervention such as a job aid, are needed. This flowchart, including the video which walks through the process of deciding which solution fits a particular client need, is a good resource in helping learning and development professionals decide when job-aids are an appropriate intervention to use, versus training.

Academic Publications

Raybould, B. (1995). Performance support engineering: An emerging development methodology for enabling organizational learning. Performance Improvement Quarterly, 8(1) p. 7-22. Retrieved from  This paper discusses the topic of Performance Support Engineering, a methodology that is intended to build performance support at the time of need into organizational learning via the development of a sound knowledge-base that utilizes an electronic infrastructure. This methodology is related to job aid creation through a systematic lens.


Rossett, A., & Schafer, L. (2007). Job aids and performance support: Moving from knowledge in the classroom to knowledge everywhere (2nd ed.). San Francisco, CA: Pfeiffer. This book provides an introduction to performance support and job aids, when and where performance support is appropriately used, the evolution of performance support and job aids, as well as detailed frameworks, planning tools, examples and strategies for performance support and job aid creation. The authors emphasize the targeting of priority topics that have “grass-roots” support.

How-To’s and Templates

ACRP (2017). A guide to job aids. The Association of Clinical Research Professionals. Retrieved from The Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) has provided a list of instructions for job aid creation tailored to a clinical research audience, but generally applicable to any context. A worksheet, decision table, and checklists for how to choose a job-aid format and develop job aids are provided.

Blue Mango Learning (2017). Salesforce onboarding blueprint: Lesson 5 – make your job aids. Retrieved from The steps for creating a job aid are outlined and example job-aids are provided. The authors stress the need to be succinct and targeted in job aid creation.

Moore, M. (2017). How to create a job aid. Bizfluent. Retrieved from This article provides an overview of what a job aid is, the background information needed before creating a job aid and tips for creating a job aid. The author refers to job-aids as a “cookbook” of step-by-step instructions for real-time job performance.

Pappas, C. (2017). 10 Must-have online training job aids for your customer service staff. eLearning industry. Retrieved from This article specifically outlines ten possible job aids targeted to customer service professionals. The basic outline of potential job aids is generally relevant and includes job aids classified as problem-solving scenarios, visual online training tutorials, online training simulations, case studies, employee-hosted podcasts, infographics, skill self-assessments, games, customer point of view stories and company policy refreshers.

Rossett, A., & Gautier-Downes J. (2013). How to build effective job aids. Retrieved from This Prezi presentation creatively walks through the steps of how to build effective job aids, first addressing why training and performance professionals are needed, the benefits of job aids, the difference between instruction and job aids, what a job aid is, why they are developed, when they should and shouldn’t be used and possible drawbacks of job aid usage. Key features and formats/types of job aids and the job aid lifecycle are also highlighted.


Moore, C. (2017). Job aid or memory? [infographic]. Job aids and worksheets for map it readers.  Retrieved from Cathy Moore’s infographic, The Job Aid or Memory? provides a visual decision tree that is useful for instructional and performance designers and developers to determine when it is appropriate to develop a job aid or a memory-based training solution.


Moore. C. (2017). Job Aid or Memory? Infographic. Copyright by Cathy Moore.

Peregrine Performance Group (2017). Peregrine’s Seven Steps for Creating Damn Good Job Aids [Infographic]. Retrieved from  

This seven-step infographic on creating “damn good job aids”, developed by the Peregrine Group, walks instructional and performance designers/developers through the process of selecting for, designing, implementing and managing job aids.


Peregrine Performance Group (2017). Peregrine’s Seven Steps for Creating Damn Good Job Aids Infographic. Copyright by Peregrine Performance Group.




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  1. Please share your tips and tricks for creating effective job-aides and/or share a link or reference to any of the helpful resources (websites, templates, books, blogs or infographics) not already listed that you’ve found on the topic of job-aide creation.


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